iPSC Module

iPSC Module for Omni

iPSC Module

The iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) Module can monitor growth of pluripotent stem cells (induced or embryonic) in a feeder-free culture environment. Ensuring proper growth rates and passaging at appropriate densities is critical for producing the consistent starting material needed for reliable differentiations. This module is designed to improve stem cell expansion workflows, reduce hands-on time, and accelerate stem cell research and discovery.


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Key Features

>> Efficiency – Don’t waste time at the microscope. Set up the Omni to automatically image your cultures and view your results anywhere, at your convenience.​

>> Consistency – Get the best out of your differentiations by ensuring the quality of your stem cell cultures.​

>> Automated analysis – See results instantly to quickly evaluate your cultures.

>> Whole-well imaging – Track the entire culture and ensure unbiased, accurate results.


Monitor your stem cells to ensure a healthy, consistent culture

Make informed decisions about when and what to passage with high-quality, whole-well images. Automate image collection and view your cultures from anywhere. Keep a detailed record of your stem cells over time that you can always go back to with a few clicks.

Culture Images


Quantify and track growth automatically​


The iPSC Module can quantify:

>> ​ Coverage (%)

>> ​ Number of colonies

>> Average diameter (µm)

>> Total area (µm2)

>> Roundness

iPSC Metrics



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